Forum to be held

By Penny Rynberk

Student groups continue to attempt race unity as NIU’s Campus Crusade sponsors a panel discussion tonight.

Michelle Chapman, a Campus Crusade member, said the “Racist Forum” will be at 8 p.m. in the ‘D’ cafeteria of Douglas Hall.

A panel of four NIU staff, administrative and residence hall senior staff will generate discussion regarding racism and race relations. Following the discussion, the Campus Crusade’s view of a theological racism solution will be presented.

Student leaders from various ethnic and campus affiliations discussed issues they would like brought up at the forum.

Greg Leathers, Student Association campus welfare adviser, said the “Unity in Diversity” program is ineffective “because there is not student participation.”

Josephine Alvarez, vice president of the Organization for Latin American Students agreed. “Student leaders from different ethnic groups are trying to promote unity, but the students aren’t responsive,” she said.

Alpha Psi Lambda External Vice President Virginia Garcia said, “I’d like to see people attend the forum who may not have participated in one before.”

Javier Gutierrez, a latino computer science major, expressed his concern with racism being considered a “black and white” issue.

“Anyone can be racist,” Gutierrez said. He said he would like this issue to be discussed at the forum.

Garcia agreed and pointed out that the colors of the new statue in the King Commons are black and white.

“What can we do to get different groups involved?” Leathers said. “I hope the forum promotes participation from everyone.”