Alpha Sigma Phi, Sigma Nu earn wins in Tugs Day 2


Nyla Owens

Fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi tugging against Tau Kappa Epsilon during round one of Tugs on Tuesday. Alpha Sigma Phi beat Tau Kappa Epsilon in three rounds. ( Nyla Owens | Northern Star)

By Zack Rodriguez and Alex Crowe

DeKALB – A tie-breaking, three round thriller ended in just under 10 minutes as Alpha Sigma Phi outlasted Tau Kappa Epsilon in the third match of the 2023 Interfraternity Council men’s Tugs competition.


Both frats were at a stand-still for the first five minutes before Alpha Sigma Phi kicked it into second gear for the remaining 10 minutes. 

Alpha Phi pulled the orange mark to the center trench to claim round one in a buzzer-beating victory. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon responded in the second round, ending with more thread as the clock ticked down to zero. 

Jakob Kupperschmid, a junior sports management major tugging for Alpha Sigma Phi, remained optimistic despite the second round momentum shift.

“I had a lot of confidence for our second rope,” Kupperschmid said. “We knew that we just needed to motivate our guys to get ready for the third rope.” 

The third round tie-breaking match ended in just 10 minutes as Alpha Sigma Phi dominated Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Kupperschmid mentioned how it felt to claim this three-round victory despite being the underdog.

“No one wants to go to a third rope,” Kupperschmid said. “A lot of people had us getting upset by Tau Epsilon, so we took that personally and just wanted to show everyone that we’re competitive this year.”


Defending Tugs champion Sigma Nu took the first step in its title defense, pulling its way to a dominant two-round victory over Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the second match of Day Two. 

Sigma Nu’s Connor Myhre, a sophomore operating organizational communications major, was excited his team came out strong in their opening match and hopes they can ride that wave to Saturday’s final.

“Felt good,” Myhre said. “Definitely what we’re striving for and just continue to win and make it to Saturday for the championship.” 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon attempted to tire out Sigma Nu by standing in a hang early in the match. 

Sigma Nu weathered the early hang and applied pressure, getting the center rope marker into the first trench just after the 10 minute call. 

With the early advantage, Myhre said the key was sticking to the basics

“Just make sure to watch the stick, watch your caller,” Myhre said. “Move with the stick. Do the right move efficiently (and) in sync with everyone else.”

Sigma Nu took over the match shortly after the 10 minute call, getting the center rope marker to the third trench quickly after it reached the first trench. Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s caller stepped on the rope with the center marker in Sigma Nu’s fifth trench to hand the defending champions round one. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon started the second round strong, taking a few feet of twine over in the first three minutes. 

Sigma Nu returned the pressure shortly after, bringing the orange marker to its side of center and closer to its first trench. 

After Sigma Nu took the advantage, Sigma Alpha Epsilon couldn’t find its footing and allowed Sigma Nu to get the orange marker to the third trench. 

Just after the 10 minute call, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s caller stepped on the rope to give Sigma Nu the quarterfinal victory.

Heading into the next round, Myhre said the team isn’t getting too high and knows the job isn’t done. 

“For Thursday, we’re just going to go in – another day at the office,” Myhre said. 


Delta Chi takes on Phi Kappa Theta at 3:30 p.m. and Sigma Alpha Epsilon will face Alpha Sigma Phi at 5 p.m. in the losers bracket Wednesday.