New club offered at NIU

By E. Nancy Chung

NIU students with or without experience can now join the new Juggling and Magic Club.

Sean Majka, the “Instigator”, decided to form this club because he has professionally performed magic and juggling shows for four years.

is goal is to find enough people to join, so they can take part in the state or national competition.

“It (Juggling and Magic Club) is something everyone can do if you want to do it, versus other activities you cannot achieve no matter how hard you try,” Majka said.

Fabian De Rozario, coordinator of Club Sport and Fitness, said the Juggling and Magic Club will attract specific individuals because of its uniqueness. “This is not a traditional sports-related club,” De Rozario said. “What is special about this club is that it brings about a unique opportunity for people to pick up unique skills.”

Sean is very talented,” De Rozario said, “I think this club will grow and benefit the NIU community.”

One of the members, Naveed Bandukwala, has been juggling for two years. He found out about the club when he saw a sign at the recreation center.

He hopes the club will put on shows for charity, especially shows for little children at the hospital.

Majka is providing all the necessary equipment for the members until the club tries to get money through the Student Association next year.

So far the club has five regular members and several new people coming to the meeting each week on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

“People should join the Juggling and Magic Club because it has been used in education for practical teaching experiences. It is also a great way to meet new friends,” said Majka.

The Juggling and Magic Club has yet to be recognized by the SA.