GLU trying to change present image

By Grant Miller

The Gay and Lesbian Union is trying to change their image as a social organization into a group concerned with making changes in society, the GLU co-president said.

“GLU has received the image of just being a social group that has dances, parties, wine and cheese gatherings and sex,” said David Huggins.

“In reality, about 10 percent of our efforts are for social things, the other 90 percent is spent on education and taking political stances,” he said.

One way the GLU intends to educate the population on these subjects is through an NIU sexual orientation commission.

“There have been commissions for women, latinos and blacks, and all of these have been supported by the university,” Huggins said. “We feel that since (according to the Kinzie Report) 10 percent of the population is gay, that it would be only fitting for a commission on sexual orientation.”

A sexual orientation commission like this would entail a collection of data of any harassment based on sexual orientation.

Huggins said he plans to meet with NIU president John La Tourette soon to discuss the possibility of a commission.

Also, Huggins said Vice President for Student Affairs, Barbara Henley, should be thanked for the work she has done in helping the GLU form a collection of harassment data.

“We need to have a list of the statistics so that these things can be proven that they do happen,” said GLU Secretary Louis Cansino.

“It is easy for gays to avoid harassment because we do not have to tell anybody that we are gay,” Huggins said. “In that sense, people are afraid to report gay harassment for fear of receiving even more harassment. We would have complete anonymity for those who report a case.”

“The GLU is an education organization that also sponsors social events,” said Huggins. “Our purpose is to support education over ignorance.”