Set them straight

Nothing’s ever good enough. I’m writing in regard to the letters “Crowded Buses” and “A Decent Meal” which I read in the Oct. 10 issue of the Star.

Frankly, both letters were quite amusing. We’ve got new, ignorant students writing in complaining about the busing system and the resident hall cafeteria food already. You’ve got to understand reality before you go ripping on dorm food and the Huskie busing system.

Heck, I’m only a sophomore and who am I to say, but we can’t be worried about petty problems like these. Sure, it was a bummer trying to get on a bus last year when the weather was terrible, and yes, there’s nothing like “mommy’s” home-cooked meals.

However, I think we’re all old enough to take care of ourselves and manage our own lives. Learn how to manage your time.

If you want to make sure you get a spot on the bus, get up earlier. If you’re at one of the last stops, get up earlier and get over to the first stop. If you’re not happy living where you are because of what bus stop your building is, then live somewhere else next year.

Many schools don’t even have busing services. Apart from Chicago, NIU has the largest busing system in the state of Illinois. Anyway, I do believe bus services are increased in the winter to make it easier on poor students like yourself.

Everyone’s in the same boat, we’ve all had to deal with the same problems. If you can’t get on the bus, dress warm and walk to class. These problems aren’t that complicated.

Sure, there’s going to be a few food poisoning deaths and a few people are going to get mauled over by Huskie buses each year, but we can deal with these setbacks.

To be honest, I thought Northern’s dorm food was pretty good, I actually kind of miss the “all you can eat” system. I’ve eaten at Iowa before, and it’s cafeteria food certainly wasn’t up the Northern’s standards.

Northern’s food system is highly ranked nationwide. My parents think it’s a hundred times better than Iowa’s. If you’re not satisfied with the food here, go find a school that serves better food and at the same time won’t completely drain your parents’ finances.

So if you’re going to complain about these minor problems, at least wait until the end of the year. You people should be using your time more constructively instead of writing complaint letters to the Star about unimportant issues.

I had to take time out of my busy schedule to set you people straight. Buy a scarf for Pete’s sake and be grateful you at least have food to complain about.

What’s next? Cries about classroom size and teachers assigning too much homework?

G. Douglas Kveck