Tardy insurance

To all staff and faculty at NIU covered by the state’s health insurance plan, Equicor _

It’s happening again so soon! We are only three months into the new fiscal year and guess what? Our medical bills are already slow in being paid!

I went to an ear specialist in Rockford in August of 1991. After receiving my bill, I filed it with the Equicor company. After not hearing back , I phoned them, as I had already been sent my second bill from the doctor.

A very nice young lady checked for me and when she came back on the line, she said what percent Equicor would cover, but the check wouldn’t be released for it until December!

I said, “Don’t tell me the state is out of money already!” She said they are really somewhat late in their payments.

Here we go guys! Yes, they are still taking my premiums from my check as they did the whole time 1990’s bills went unpaid. And yes, my insurance is due to rise in January of 1992. And yes, I know the monies in the SURS fund are dwindling! And no, I can’t get a raise!

Does anyone out there care to help or explain this?

Merle Meister

Maintenance Equipment Operator