The fate of the Fuzzykins …

Fuzzykin humor

Tuesday, October 1, 1991

ey! I protest! Friday, I opened up the Star and my favorite comic strip, “The Fuzzykins,” was being killed off by the evil Baby Costello.

I know most readers hadn’t yet been tuned in to the truly cool humor of the Fuzzykins, but I spotted it right away. To me, they were a strange trisexual species whose insatiable appetites were concealed by smiling faces.

For instance, what were Mr. Hopabout and Mrs. Ducky really going to do on their date for tea? After all, they are of different species AND Mrs. Ducky is married!

And that episode about Mr. Sun starting to cry—I couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes!

Good-bye faithful Fuzzykins—this loyal fan will always miss you!

Rick Johns

Associate professor