Condoms stolen then distributed

By Michael Berg

A fishbowl of condoms was stolen from the Wellness Resource Center in the Holmes Student Center Thursday.

Doug Brod, the student health educator working at the desk at the time of the incident, said a man approached the desk and said, “I’m just going to take the whole thing, okay?”

The man then picked up the bowl with about 250 condoms in it and walked away.

Brod was talking to student and 7th Ward Ald. Jordan Kagan at the time. Kagan said he asked Brod if he should go after the man.

However, Brod said it probably was just a joke and happens a lot. Brod said he thought the man would return them.

After a couple minutes passed, the bowl wasn’t returned. Kagan asked again if he should follow the man and Brod said, “Yes.” Kagan went around the corner after him, and spotted him at the elevators by the hotel desk, he said.

Kagan said he searched downstairs, in the Pow Wow and at the bus turnaround. The man was not found.

Joanna Dueth, Student Health Educator supervisor, said some students reported being offered condoms by the suspect as he passed.

“We find the incident amusing and we hope he’s distributing them and doing our job for us, but we would like our fishbowl back,” Dueth said.