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Join student organizations

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Seven smiling people put their hands together. SGA recently approved six new campus organizations, and Senior Opinion Columnist Emily Beebe encourages students to join. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Students should join organizations on campus in order to enhance their college experience. Joining organizations in college can have numerous benefits for students, both personally and professionally.

The Student Government Association recently approved six new organizations that students can join. These organizations are the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Huskie Bass Fishing Team, Aerospace, Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, Black Counselors Association and the Multiracial Student Union.

By joining organizations, current students can feel like they belong at NIU and form friendships.

Joining organizations can ramp up students’ resumes with leadership experiences that are attractive to employers.

A school having many options of organizations to join can even persuade new students to attend the university. With diverse organizations students can relate to, more students may decide to attend NIU, especially if another university doesn’t offer the club they want.

James Innis, SGA’s director of organizational development, illustrated the sense of belonging that NIU students can feel.

“If a student feels like they don’t have a club or an organization that they can join where they feel like they belong, they can start their own,” Innis said. “Some students come and say ‘oh I’m a part of this organization, but I kind of wish that we had another organization,’ and they’ll start the organization, and when they graduate, they’ll come back as an alumni and see their organization thriving, so it’s kind of like they are leaving a legacy here at NIU.

Organizations could possibly even help students find their passion, like a career path they may want to pursue.

Chris English, SGA’s deputy speaker of the Senate and chair of the organizational oversight committee, encouraged students to create an organization.

“It’s not hard to create an organization. It does seem scary, but find a group of people who are interested in the same things as you are and find a faculty advisor who is passionate,” English said. “I’m willing to bet there are more than enough of them who are passionate about what you’re looking for and go and make a club. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who are interested in that club.”

Even though creating an organization may seem scary, students should not be afraid to take the first step. 

Students who are interested in starting a club or organization can follow the steps on NIU’s website. Individuals should embrace the opportunities that joining organizations can offer in college.

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