Board of Regents to meet in Springfield

By Eric Krol

Next year’s budget requests and presidential evaluations are among the topics of discussion at the Board of Regents committee meetings Thursday.

The three Regents committees will meet at Sangamon State University in Springfield. The Regents govern NIU, SSU and ISU in Normal.

In addition to their regular meeting, the Joint University Advisory Committee (JUAC) will start things off with a meeting to discuss the mandatory five-year review of the three university presidents and Regency Chancellor Roderick Groves.

JUAC member J. Carroll Moody said the committee will meet with consultant Joseph Kauffman on how it will gather information at the campus-level on the university presidents.

Moody said the JUAC members have developed procedures to gather information on NIU President John La Tourette but added, “We’ll see what Kauffman has in mind.”

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee will meet to discuss the universities’ plans to improve the participation of underrepresented groups, said Groves’ assistant Cheryl Peck.

The Chancellor’s report states the focus of the plans are to design programs to improve the status of women, minorities and disabled.

Peck said the A&S committee will also look at the Program Improvement and Expansion requests and receive and update on the minority teacher education scholarship program.

The other committee meeting will be the Finance and Facilities Committee. The committee will meet to discuss the Regency schools’ internal budget for this school year, Peck said.

The internal budget shows how each university will use the funds allocated by the state legislature.

The internal budget also shows which NIU capital improvement projects will be undertaken. Among them are the $70,000 Dorland Building Roof Replacement and the $75,000 remodeling of the Holmes Student Center bookstore.

Another item on the F&F agenda is the operating request guidelines for Fiscal Year 1993, Peck said. The Board is requesting an increase of 17 percent over this year’s allocation.

The request includes a 12 percent pay hike for teachers, 5 percent increase for inflationary purposes and $700,000 for library materials.

Immediately following the F&F committee meeting, the whole

board will recess into an executive session, which is closed to the public. The public portion of the meeting will be Friday.