Scientist Faraday remembered today

By Jeff Steffen

NIU will celebrate the 200th birthday of scientist Michael Faraday today with a party outside of Faraday Hall, the building named in his honor.

“The reason we are doing this (having a party) is not only because the building is named after him, but also because Faraday is a very important person regarding physics and chemistry,” said Richard Preston, physics department chairman.

Physics Professor John Shaffer agreed. “Students should go to the celebration because Faraday was a very interesting person,” he said. “He was a self-educated man, and a large fraction of 20th century technology is based on his work.”

Faraday is credited with many important scientific discoveries. He developed the first dynamo, discovered the compound benzene, and formulated the basic principles of electrolysis and electrochemistry.

He also discovered the law of electromagnetic induction which lies at the heart of all electromagnetic machinery.

The celebration was planned by students from the Physics and Chemistry clubs. The students will perform demonstrations in honor of Faraday’s work.

“The demonstrations we will be performing will show how his work relates to modern times,” said Steve Ledvina, president of the Physics Club. “We felt we should do this so we don’t take (his work) for granted.”

There will be demonstrations and talks about Faraday and his work from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Faraday Hall terrace. Ice cream and cake will be served to everyone who attends.

All the festivities are being paid for by the Chemistry and Physics clubs funds.