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Street Interviews: Women in history

Ophelia Boyd, a first-year health science major, responds to a street interview prompt. Who is your favorite female historical figure, and what would you say to them? (Northern Star Graphic)

Throughout history, women have filled half the human population with a fraction of human rights. Women have been — and continue to be — leaders of strength, compassion and intelligence, creating change despite the patriarchy. 

On our campus, 53% of students identify as women, and organizations such as the Women and Gender Advocacy Alliance, Aspiring Women in Health and the Reproductive Rights Association advocate for the empowerment of all women. 

This Women’s History Month, students took a moment to recognize powerful female figures in history. Whether they’re still thriving or gone from Earth but have a lasting legacy, we express gratitude for queens of every discipline.

As identified by NIU students, we’re thankful for women musicians like Beyoncé, the sparkling artist with the most Grammy awards of all time

We’re thankful for women activists, like Susan B. Anthony, one of our history-shaping suffragists.  

We’re thankful for women scientists like Ellen Ochoa, whose ventures into the stars made her the first Hispanic woman in space, according to NASA

But every woman is a star, and we’re thankful for each one.  

After all this ain’t Texas, ladies — our rights are pretty secure in Illinois — but we’ve still got a lot to fight for, and a lot of women to celebrate. 

Don’t forget your power even as March ends. Be proud of how far you’ve come, and rejoice for the victorious stories of women before you.

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