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Street Interviews: National Humor Month

Olivia Lesniewski, a junior music education major, responds to a street interview prompt. Share a joke! (Northern Star Graphic)

Knock knock!

April is one of the academic year’s longest months, with zero extended weekends or breaks. But, April is also National Humor Month. If the answer to your “who’s there” is burnout, choose to slam the door. 

Yes, yes — there’s a time and a place for humor, but that time is now. Instead of stressing about finals, maybe do a little dance or giggle-scream your anxieties. It might not be as academically productive, but it’s a lot more fun.

The National Month started on April Fools, so the theme is: don’t be mean, but don’t be too sensitive, either. Learn to laugh at yourself and make fun of life’s current annoyances.

Laughter is the best medicine after all, and it’s sweet to think how happy the absolutely ridiculous parts of life can make us.

Did that seem corny? Well, this column was written in DeKalb — but the old phrase has scientific merit, too.

Laughter relieves stress, improves the body’s immune system, stimulates muscles and organs and increases endorphins released by the brain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Comedy is an ancient human love, decorating literature throughout the centuries since we began recording written word. Further back, we may have actually gotten our affinity for the funnies from furry friends, sharing laughter vocalization with apes, according to the National Library of Medicine

So whether your funny-bone stirs for dark humor or why the Huskie crossed Normal Road; whether you thrive on clever, snarky commentary or you’re constantly searching for gullible on the ceiling, let the giggles out. 

Be that person with the unnervingly silent laughs, the snorts that leave your throat sore, the high-pitched giggles or the teary-eyed, smiling face.

As the pressure of final projects, papers and tests builds, we all deserve a chuckle, and we could all cherish feeling goofy for a moment. 

So here’s one more: what sound does a chicken’s phone make? 

Wing, wing!

If it sounds pointless, friends, there’s your point.   

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