Officers elected to sit on senate

By Lisa Ferro

Faculty Senate President J. Carroll Moody will keep his position next year after he received unanimous senate approval at Wednesday’s senate meeting.

Moody, who also will serve as University Council executive secretary, was one of three officers elected to serve on next year’s Faculty Senate executive board.

Theater Arts Professor Joanne Fox also will retain her position as vice president. Art Professor Gordon Dorn will replace Graduate Studies Director Bob Wheeler as secretary.

The Faculty Senate originated about a year ago. Moody said since the position of secretary was not well-defined, the senate would clarify the position’s duties next fall.

The senate nominated and elected faculty to serve on nine university committees, but the votes were not tallied at the meeting.

In other business, Curriculum and Instruction Professor Rosemarie Slavenas addressed the senate with her concerns about a proposal discussed shortly after the Gulf War broke out.

The proposal was brought up by Philosophy Professor Sherman Stanage during a February senate meeting. He asked the Faculty Senate to condemn the war in the Persian Gulf and urged the United States to end the war as soon as possible.

Slavenas told the council she was upset the issue was tabled without discussion.

Slavenas, whose son served on the front lines, said she was concerned with the faculty’s relationship to the students. She said she understands the senate wants to be task-oriented, but their silence is sending the wrong message to students.

The silence communicates that the senate does not care, does not know or is timid about the issues and concerns of students, she said.

Wednesday was the Faculty Senate’s last meeting of the school year.