Popular band to visit NIU as part of tour

By Sean Leary

Dick Holliday said his dad wanted him to become a gynecologist so he could pick up more women, but then again you can’t take much that Dick Holliday says seriously.

What Holliday is serious about is providing a good time, and with his band, the Bamboo Gang, he more than succeeds.

Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang, one of the most popular bands in the suburban Chicago area, will strut into DeKalb Saturday night for a gig at Otto’s as part of a midwest tour.

Helping with the cost of the tour is the fact that it is partly sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft. However, Holliday doesn’t feel that sponsorship means the band has sold out in any way.

“We compromise the market, not ourselves, not our music,” Holliday said. “This isn’t an M.C. Hammer type thing. You’re not going to see us out drinking Pepsi or anything.”

What you will see is a great live band putting on an energetic set of funky melodic pop music. Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang guarantee a good time. Tossing songs like “Everybody Knows,” “Wake Me Up” and “Funky Son” out like confetti onto the crowd, the band throws a non-stop party of exuberant romps built on thick rubber_band bass lines and insistent back beats.

The band will play songs both from their excellent debut album “Everybody Knows” as well as new material from their upcoming album, which Holliday says will be even funkier and contain a more hip_hop edge. One thing they will never lose though is their energy.

“We know we have an image as a party band and that’s fine,” Holliday said. “Our goal is for people to come out and know they’ll have a good time.”