DeKalb budget considerations proposed

By Penny Rynberk

The DeKalb City Council proposed its considerations for the fiscal year 1991-92 budget Wednesday night.

City Manager Mark Stevens presented a review for FY91 and a preliminary overview of the FY92 preliminary priorities and issues.

“It is estimated that the overall general fund expectations will be very close to the final adopted figures,” Stevens said. “However, we do have revenue problems outstanding this year.”

Revenue problems exist because of the local use tax, or the portion of tax that is applied to out-of-state sales, Stevens said.

Stevens said this particular portion of the tax is subject to state appropriation.

“What’s occurred this year is the state did not appropriate enough money,” Stevens said. “If we do not receive an appropriation check this year, we will get it next year.

“What we’re looking at for FY91 is to borrow from the reserve to cover cash flow from insufficient appropriation state funds,” Stevens said.

The preliminary revenue estimate for FY92 totaled $10,661,000, Stevens said.

“Preliminary revenue forecasting is based upon trends of the previous year,” Stevens said.

It also is based on a number of assumptions, the biggest being that service and equipment come out of capital funding, Stevens said.

“This is a base budget,” Stevens said. “The final budget will have service decrease implications.”

Stevens said the state’s income tax proposal will have a great effect on the FY92 budget.

“There seems to be a general agreement that there will be a permanent income tax increase,” said Mayor Greg Sparrow. “We’re going to have some strength in Springfield at the local level.”

A few of the budget priorities Stevens included were insuring funding for the airport land acquisition, and insuring resources for the emergency 911 line to be implemented in December.

The council will meet again to further discuss the budget after the city departments submit their budgets in April.