SA poll closing criticized

By Rebecca Bahr

One of two Student Association election polls closed early Wednesday due to bad weather conditions, a poll worker said.

The DuSable polling table closed at 5:50 p.m. according to a poll worker who said Elections Commissioner Alfred Tatum handled the poll closings.

However, Rockford Weather Service reported no severe weather conditions during that time.

“As far as severe weather, everything had moved out of the area by that time and all tornado warnings had been cancelled,” Forecaster Dale Helgerson said. “Everything was pretty much over with by then.”

High winds and some light rain might still have been coming down, Helgerson said.

Tatum was not available for comment on the early poll closing.

Throughout the election process Tatum has been criticized by the presidential candidates for failing to organize and inform them when changes were made in the election dates.

It is also the responsibility of the elections commissioner to organize a formal debate which did not happen this year, presidential candidate Preston Came said.

Presidential candidate Kelly Marie McDonald said it wasn’t fair that the candidates were faced with the job of running the campaign and organizing elections.