Gas tax might hit local pumps

By Sabryna Cornish

DeKalb County residents might pay up to four extra cents per gallon of gas if the county board has its way.

The DeKalb County Board discussed the possibility of a gas tax which could raise the price of gasoline in DeKalb County up to four cents.

If approved, the gas tax would not go into effect for at least two years, said board member Richard O’Kane.

The money generated by the gas tax would pay for improvements to Peace and Plank Roads—something that would benefit everyone, Board Member John O’Meara said.

County Administration Aide Ray Bockman said the county has the power to impose the tax and to withdraw it when enough money is generated to improve the roads.

“I think a gasoline tax is the way to go,” said county Highway Superintendent Clifford Adams.

O’Meara said he is in favor of the gas tax because some surrounding counties already have gas taxes, often resulting in residents of those counties buying gas here.

Board member Ronald Matekaitis said he wants the power to pass the tax, control the tax amount and the amount of time the tax will be imposed.

The board will have to get the power to impose the tax increase from the legislature.

The board has not filed yet to get the power to impose the tax.

The possible gas tax is not new to the Northern Illinois area.

Other counties, such as Kane County, are trying to get the power to impose the gas tax.