VP taking ‘positive step’

By Rebecca Bahr

Resigning Student Association vice president Tanya Smith said she has put in more than her share of time.

Although she completed her necessary coursework in December, Smith stayed at NIU an extra semester to fulfill her year-long term with the SA, Smith said.

Smith now says she can no longer spend long evenings at senate meetings on Sunday.

As of April 1, Smith will turn her energies towards schoolwork and preparing for her job after graduation.

With a new SA constitution in the works, 10 new senators appointed and elections around the corner, several senators said they agree Smith is taking a positive step by resigning in April.

Sen. Kelly Marie McDonald, a presidential candidate, said Smith is “doing the right thing.”

“There is no need for her to pretend she is able to do a job if she’s not going to do it 100 percent,” Sen. Jeff Abbott said.

Presidential candidate Preston Came said, “If Tanya feels she can not do the job anymore, then it is better to get someone else in there.”

Other senators said they were surprised to hear that the vice president felt she could not complete her term.

“She ran a good committee,” Sen. Mike Ruderman said. The Internal Affairs committee always looked to Smith for advice even though, as chairman, she did not have a vote, Ruderman said.

Last semester, however, Ruderman voiced concern over the vice president’s ability to handle her position.

“There were several internal problems in the SA last semester, namely lack of communication and lack of progress, and everyone seemed to be pointing the finger at Tanya Smith,” Sen. Mike Ruderman said.

Following impeachment attempts Smith met with SA executives individually to straighten out disagreements, Ruderman said. Since then, Smith has shown that she can handle the position, he said.

Vice president candidate John Quilico said “Tanya will make an excellent mentor.” The unopposed candidate will start his term in April instead of June with the other elected officers.