Crime alert coming soon

By Rebecca Bahr

Students will be made more aware of campus crimes beginning this month through a joint effort between the Student Association and the University Police.

A one-page monthly newsbrief known as the Campus Crime Bulletin will be distributed in residence hall mailboxes on Feb. 15.

Bulletins also will be left in sorority and fraternity houses, apartment offices and information racks in the Holmes Student Center.

SA Community Affairs adviser Jennifer Novak said she hopes the crime bulletin will “alert students of problems.”

The bulletin will give listings of crimes committed, emergency phone numbers, emergency call-box instructions and crime prevention tips, University Police Lt. Albert Ekstrom said.

The new crime bulletin is modeled after a similar program at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Novak said. The U of I bulletin is published on a bimonthly basis, she said.

“In the future we might publish it twice a month, if there is a need,” Novak said, “It’s hard to say; U of I is a much larger campus.”

There has been confusion in the past over use of the emergency call-boxes installed around campus. Ekstrom said he is hoping the monthly bulletin will increase communication between the UP office and students.

“This is an idea that we’ve been discussing for a while, but this is the first attempt of this kind,” Ekstrom said. It has been difficult to get information out to students, he said.

“Students have a right to know in order to better protect themselves,” Ekstrom said.

The first issue will feature safety tips for spring break travelers and statistics on parking lot crimes, Novak said.

The bulletin may include briefs from the DeKalb Police in future issues as well, Novak said.