SA chief justice forced to resign

By Rebecca Bahr

Student Association Chief Justice Thomas Gary was forced to resign his post this semester because he is no longer enrolled at NIU.

While Gary says he has not lost interest in the student government or in student issues, he can no longer work with the SA because he is not currently taking courses at NIU.

Financial considerations have kept him from enrolling at NIU this spring, said Gary, who is a current DeKalb County Board member.

“It is a requirement for all SA positions to be an enrolled student at NIU. It is unavoidable that he had to resign,” SA President Robert McCormack said.

McCormack has asked the remaining four justices to turn in applications for the open position.

“Any one of the justices could do the job well, but as far as whether they could do it as well as Thomas Gary, well, I don’t know,” said SA justice Wally Wyszinski.

“We all work well together,” Wyszinski said. “It really helped that Thomas Gary really knew what he was doing.”

Any student interested in applying for the open justice seat should contact the SA office.

Gary has served on the SA supreme court since August and has been involved in the student government since 1987.