Citizens support peace, resolutionby

By Michelle Landrum

President George Bush and other national leaders will receive a resolution urging continued diplomatic effots in the Persian Gulf after the DeKalb City Council approved the measure in a meeting filled with public debate.

Six citizens wearing blue ribbons to promote peace in the Gulf spoke before the council in support of a resolution by the Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice.

“I believe I speak for all students when I say we are very scared,” said NIU senior Leanne Frydrychowicz, choking back tears. “Many of our friends are being called up…I want to see my friends come back.”

But Jack Bennett, a DeKalb citizen, was one of two speakes with opposing viewpoints. “I’m sad to see the city council’s time is being taken up with this kind of issue. I urge you to throw this resolution in the wastebasket, where it belongs,” he said.

Bennett contended the council wasn’t the place to take a stance on the international issue – and both 2nd Ward Ald. Michael Welsh and 4th Ward Ald. Rita Tewksbury agreed.

“Anyone who disagrees with this resolution is not a warmonger,” Welsh said, adding if the council voted on the resolution “we’re sending a message that all the people aren’t going to believe in.”

In the end, Welsh and Tweksbury abstained, while the remaining aldermen, Jeff Monroe, Ward 7, Jamie Pennington, Ward 6, Bessie Chronopoulos, Ward 4, and Amy Polzin, Ward 1, approved the resolution.

The resolution will be sent to Bush, Sen. Paul Simon (D. Ill.), Sen. Alan Dixon (D-Ill.), and Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.).