SA to sponsor blood drive

By Rebecca Bahr

A wide spectrum of campus organizations will come together next month in a massive blood drive effort coordinated by the Student Association.

The SA-sponsored blood drive will be held Feb. 12-13 in the Heritage Room at the Holmes Student Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We’re attempting to set a campus record,” said SA Public Relations Director Lara Cipolla.

The current record of 297 donors was set by a campus-wide blood drive in April of 1989.

While the SA does not usually participate in activities of this nature, the idea is to use the SA as a coordinator to get campus organizations working together, Cipolla said.

There are ten groups who have confirmed their participation in the event so far, Cipolla said, although she still expects to hear from others.

The event will be staffed by SA workers. Organizations on campus are being called upon to donate blood and are not needed to work the event, she said.

“We’re looking for community support as well,” Cipolla said. Several local politicians and community leaders are expected to donate blood.

While the blood donations from this drive are not necessarily going to help the medical needs of troops in the Gulf, it is a concern, Cipolla said. Donor blood will go primarily to hospitals here, she said.

B-95 (WDKB) radio and some other local businesses will be sponsoring free giveaways on the day of the drive, Cipolla said.

Interested campus groups should contact the SA office to sign-up.