Stop protesters

I have never been so disgusted with a group of people in all my life as the anti-war protesters in the streets of America.

These poor excuses for Americans show the greatest exhibit of cowardice, irresponsibility, stupidity, selfishness and lack of a sense of right and wrong in America.

It is these people we have to thank for these wonderful new characteristics associated with the United States today. “No blood for oil” they scream, are they really that foolish to believe that this war is only about oil?

Saddam Hussein is a madman, he has taken the lives of his own countrymen and those abroad. It is the responsibility of all countries of the world to see this man is stopped.

Are the values of these people so warped that they can’t see that?

They scream about losing American lives. Drugs and alcohol kill thousands of Americans, why don’t they go to the streets to protest those?

Could it be because a good number of them buy, sell, or use these killers? Where is their sense of righteousness then?

The most asinine form of these protests is the burning of the U.S. flag. Yes, let’s burn the symbol of the principles that allow us to speak freely in the first place.

“But it’s our right to do so!” scream the protesters. Yeah, it’s your right to cut off your hands and feet as well; why don’t you do that too?

These protesters are safe and sound in the United States shooting their mouths off, discrediting the powers that protect them and creating havoc in their own country.

It should be these people and their families who are killed by a madman. It should be their homes crushed by his legions.

It should be their lives constantly in the shadowy death threat of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare created by this crazed killer Saddam Hussein.

And how will they feel when their elderly and financially distressed friends and family are freezing because they can’t pay the expensive oil prices for winter?

Maybe these events would crash through their thick self-centered skulls and cause them to support their country. It is doubtful though. Cowardice is a crippling disease.

T. J. Keeler