Students need and answer

In the meantime, students are biting their nails.

It’s been more than a month since meteorology students first began worrying whether they would have a program to graduate from and still no definite answers have been given.

The rumors sending students into frenzies are about a lack of funds for the meteorology program which might end up leaving the students in the cold or out of state.

NIU is the only school in the state with an undergraduate program for meteorology. So, meteorology students have a legitimate concern.

Associate Meteorolgy Professor Douglas Revelle said, “The professors gave estimates (of the program’s needs) and have not heard any news yet, which I feel is encouraging.”

Silence is not a sign of encouragement. But the faculty seem to feel the program will stay. If this is the case, then they know something students don’t and that is wrong.

Meteorolgy students have as much of a stake in the program as the professors, and in some cases even more. Students cannot take the risk of changing majors or schools when it will take time and money they might not have to apply elsewhere or get permits for NIU classes.

And the administration’s silence is taking its toll. Students are so worried about where they stand, they are unable to perform well in their classes.

It’s time for the administration to hand out the nail files and let the students know what is going on. Students deserve an answer now.