Effect doubtful

This is in response to the Women’s Alliance petition against the DeKalb Nite Weekly, and to Hillary Finne’s letter to the Northern Star on Oct. 15.

Opinion no. 1: Do you actually think a mere 200 signatures are going to matter to a paper such as the DeKalb Nite Weekly? Especially when it is printed and distributed in a college town?

Opinion no. 2: How can this small amount (your signatures) compare to the obvious supporters of the DeKalb Nite Weekly?

Opinion no. 3: Is this petition going to have any “real effect” upon the executives at the DeKalb Nite Weekly?

Opinion no. 4: Is it feasible?

Everyone has the freedom to speak aboutg anything and/or anyone. This is what you are obviously about: expressing your own beliefs and opinions.

Hillary Finne and the Women’s Alliance have had their say, and now I am having mine. Freedom of speech is about choice and decision making.

Well…the models portrayed in the DeKalb Nite Weekly are giving their own speeches. It is their own choice to be in this newspaper.

(FACT: These modeling positions are advertised. These women respond to these advertisements on their own free will. If they want to choose to speak in these terms, they have the right to do so.)

Gena Wilczak