Chinese Magic Revue will perform as part of special weekend for NIU’s parents

By Sean Leary

The Chinese Magic Revue will be appearing in DeKalb’s Egyptian Theatre Oct. 20 as part of the festivities surrounding NIU’s Parents’ Weekend.

The magic revue features a glimpse into Chinese acrobatics, comedy, martial arts, dancing, and much more. The show is in its 15th national tour of the United States. In the past 11 years the show has appeared in countries throughout the world. The revue was the first Chinese acrobatic troupe to come to tour the U.S. and has appeared with Liberace in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno. They have also made television appearances on “The Merv Griffin Show,” “Dinah!,” “That’s Incredible” and many others.

The story surrounding the arrival of the revue is a long and interesting one. Last year at this time, the revue was scheduled to perform for Parents’ Weekend. However, on the eve of that performance, the revue was 300 miles away in Indiana with a broken-down moving truck. Eventually the performers arrived, although their equipment was still in Indiana, and they had to cancel the performances. However, according to University Programming and Activities member Steve DeClerk, the troupe was upset they couldn’t perform and made special provisions to perform at NIU this year.

“The revue has been great. They really have made a lot of sacrifices to come to NIU this year to make up for last year. They have cancelled other performances, and agreed to come back at a fee considerably less than what they normally charge,” DeClerk said.

The performance begins with an opening ceremony, which involves synchronized dance with colorful banners in rhythm with the music. This is followed by a balancing act and folklore dances.

Next on the bill is a juggling performance, and a magic act performed in the Chinese tradition. Then the martial arts aspect of the show is explored with a demonstration of Chinese Kung-Fu. Precision balancing with plates, a daring fire act involving acrobatics through rings of knives and fire, and a comedy act are next in the revue.

The highlight of the show is a balancing act involving a tower of chairs resting upon champagne glasses.

The Chinese Magic Revue has been honored with the National Association for Campus Activities Campus Entertainment Award, and has performed to several spellbound audiences across the country.

I think it was really quite honorable for the revue to reduce their fee and significantly change tour dates,” DeClerk added. “We’re all very excited about having and showcasing the talents of the revue, it looks to be a very exciting show.”