Parents can meetleaders

By Vickie Snow

Parents will have chances to meet the people who lead NIU after the game Saturday.

For the first time, there will be a president’s reception and dinner while parents are in town.

About 100 students and their parents will meet NIU President John La Tourette, NIU Provost Kendall Baker and Student Association President Robert McCormack at a 5 p.m. reception in the Holmes Student Center’s Hunt Room. La Tourette is hosting a 6 p.m. dinner in the Ballroom.

Jennifer Spaulding, student parent’s day chairman and special events coordinator for Campus Activities Board, said the reception and dinner are “a nice way for the parents to get acquainted with the president” when usually they just check out the campus.

“It’s a chance for parents to meet one-on-one with faculty,” she said.

Hosting an on-campus dinner “will alleviate some of the crowds downtown,” Spaulding said.

Although this is the first year for such a reception and dinner, she said she hopes the tradition will grow.