New SA theme taken from Bible

By Lisa Ferro

Genesis is not only the beginning of the Bible; it is also the new theme of NIU’s Student Association.

The acronym for Genesis is “Growing EN-volves Every Student in Synchronization,” which was created by advertising committee adviser John Quilico.

The SA has added the advertising committee to its organization as a “spinoff” of the public relations committee, Quilico said.

The advertising committee will handle the ads of the organizations and SA and keep in correspondence with the SA to allow the public relations committee time to devote to other things, he said.

“My main goal is promoting a positive SA image in a viable fashion which is coherent and readily acceptable by the public in addition to cooperating with other organizations and achieving their advertising goals,” Quilico said.

Also derived from the Genesis theme is the SA’s motto—”A good seed produces bountiful offspring on a seed that has been planted,” which comes from the Book of Genesis.

“With that, we want people to take their part in the growing and the nuturing of the seed,” Quilico said. “It is a new beginning.”

Quilico said publicity about the SA was negative coming from last year’s administration, and also there was a lack of student involvement.

“Once McCormack, Smith and Holy were elected, it was evident that a change was going to be in effect,” Quilico said.

“We want people to forget the negativity of the preceeding years and just start from the beginning,” he said.

“Getting the NIU student population involved is also very important to me and us (the SA) in acheiving our goal, because we feel that everybody should take part in the SA,” Quilico said.

Quilico, who said he wants to have a good rapport with the 64 SA-funded organizations, is trying to find dedicated and reliable volunteers who are interested in advertising to be on his committee. “I need someone to illustrate what I am thinking,” he said.