New apartment completion delayed

By Jim Tubridy

Tenants of the Stadium View II apartment complex, currently under construction, might find themselves in temporary housing instead of their leased apartments later this month.

The first two buildings were originally scheduled to be completed by Aug. 23. However, bad weather caused serious delays and the developers are unsure as to whether or not the complex will be completed on time.

About 200 tenants already have signed leases for the three-story, 60-unit complex, said Complex Manager Don Freedman.

As a result of the possible delays, the developer, Rubeck and Co., plans to compensate the tenants.

“We want to make things as easy as possible (for the tenants),” said Brad Rubeck, the developer. Rubeck also said, “The tenants have already been notified of the problem and another letter will be sent out on Aug. 10 to let them know if they can move in on time or, if not, how they will be otherwise compensated.”

Rubeck and Co. plans to assist the tenants by putting them up in hotels, paying for storage, and any further moving expenses from moving out of temporary into permanent housing.

“We’ll also help with food expenses since tenants won’t be able to cook their own meals in a hotel.” Rubeck said.

Freedman said, “The tenants will also have the option of rent credit if they don’t need to be compensated for the other expenses paid for by the developer.”

“I’ve never seen this sort of thing myself, but, in speaking with other developers, heard that Rubeck and Co. is bending over backwards to keep the tenants satisfied,” said Freedman, an independent manager who manages other complexes.

Stan Lewis of the DeKalb Building and Community Services department said,”As with any construction project there are things that have to be changed or improved.

“So far the developer has been very cooperative with the city when we pointed anything like that out to them. The work is proceeding as it should be, with no problems so far,” Lewis said.

Lewis said he was surprised at the developer’s efforts to help the tenants. “It’s good to see a developer take that much interest in the tenants’ welfare. You don’t see that very often.”

Rubeck still hopes to complete the project on time so there is no alternate completion date thus far. The letter that Rubeck and Co. will send out on Aug. 10 will inform tenants of the situation and how they will be compensated if necessary.