SA questions ISA’s effectiveness

By Maureen Morrissey

Concerns about the effectiveness of the Illinois Student Association continue as Student Association executives claim ISA is not addressing issues.

“I am concerned about whether or not the ISA is taking NIU seriously,” said Tanya Smith, Student Association vice president and ISA director at NIU.

Smith said she voiced several concerns with ISA Executive Director David Starrett, none of which have been addressed to her satisfaction.

Starrett “has not been to NIU in two years, and he hasn’t been to other campus’ in years,” Smith said. “I want him to be more visible on the campus,” she said.

Smith said she requested the ISA to investigate the U.S. Student Association’s usefulness to Illinois. Starrett “conducted an investigation but did not come up with anything conclusive, it’s those little things they need to take care of,” Smith said.

However, Starrett said he was not aware of the problems.

“I do not know what’s troubling the SA and no one seems much interested in letting us know,” Starrett said.

Smith said she has done everything she can to make the ISA aware of her concerns.

“I don’t know if the concerns are concerns of Tanya’s or concerns in general,” Starrett said.

Although the ISA did work for the current tuition freeze, SA members are looking into other issues.

Lobbying for the freeze is “just one aspect of what ISA is supposed to deliver,” said SA president Robert McCormack, “we are concerned with the whole picture.”

Smith set up a committee to investigate the ISA and it’s effectivness.