Work: a cure for those summertime blues?

By Sean Leary

“What are you doing over the summer?” is a question that many students have been hearing a lot lately. If you’re like the majority of NIU students, the reply to that question is a one word answer. Working.

Most NIU students will work at what one would term the “normal” summer jobs: department stores, fast food joints, temporary services, offices, etc… But some students have sought and found more unusual forms of summer employment.

Jeff Goveia, NIU accounting major will intern with DeKalb-Pfizer Genetics. “Basically, I applied with the business school then I got to interview with six companies. After a few weeks, the internships were posted and the company contacted me with job information,” Goveia said.

NIU student Jenny Meness’ summer job will be working for the U.S. government doing filing and other various secretarial duties. “I took the job because it pays really well, and the work is pretty light,” Meness said.

Other money making opportunities can be found across the country. Sophomore Leslie Bjork found her calling in the back of a magazine. An advertisement called for help in Alaska working for a fishing company.

“The job pays all travel expenses and room and board, as well as a salary, but there are a few drawbacks.” Bjork said. “One, of course, is the weather, another is the fact that the cost of living is so high that your paycheck goes quicker living up there.”

Other students will have the fringe benefit of having fun at work. NIU students Lucy Wright and Steve Varble both will work at amusement parks – Wright at Kings Island and Varble at Disney World.

Some jobs are done primarily for the purpose of helping others. Sophomore English major Jenny Glickstein works as a counselor/teacher’s aid in a school for hearing impaired and handicapped children aged four to nine. “I really enjoy working with the kids because they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Glickstein said.

Then there are jobs which are taken merely for their unique values. Such are the jobs which will be taken by NIU seniors Ross Parse and Jim Finn.

A common summer job is spraying for bugs. This job entails driving and operating trucks which spray for mosquitos and other pests. “Why did I take this job? I hate mosquitos. There’s nothing I enjoy more than snuffing out their useless lives.” Finn said.

Parse will work another unusual job this summer. He, along with friend Ted Gilbert, will caddy the Western Open golf tournament.

Most students questioned found their summer jobs through classified ads in newspapers and magazines which are full of unique opportunities if you look for them.