Forcing beliefs

Yes folks, that special day has rolled around again—Jeans Day! This is a Gay-Lesbian Union sponsored day that encourages everyone who is in support of gay rights and human rights to wear that incredibly rare form of pants so that attention can be brought to the campus about gay rights.

Now, I don’t have any problem with people sticking up for what they believe in, but I do have a problem with it being forced down other people’s throats!

In the advertisement for Gay Awareness Week in the April 2 edition of The Northern Star, it states that people should show support for gay AND human rights by wearing your jeans. Why does the GLU have to combine human rights with gay rights?

I hate to inform you of this, but people can be for human rights and not gay rights; that is their choice. Is this tactic supposed to make people who are not wearing jeans on Wednesday feel guilty for not supporting human rights because they do not agree with the GLU philosophy? Why not include support for the homeless, the starving, Vietnam war veterans, and Greenpeace? Don’t you believe your cause will stand on its own?

Also, next year instead if making it jeans day, why don’t you change it to shoe day, or shirt day, or have it in the middle of January and call it Winter Jacket Day! Then you will have overwhelming support for your cause! If you are so proud of your lifestyles, why not have people wear colorful arm bands or buttons or something not so common, as say, breathing!

This way the true supporters can stand up and be counted and the people who disagree have the right to let their opinions be made known as well. This way you will have an ACCURATE show of support which can only be helpful to your cause.

Lou Cory