McCormack to lead SA in fall

By Maureen Morrissey

Robert McCormack won the Student Association presidential election with 60 percent of the vote.

Fifteen percent of the students, 3,783, voted in the two-day election.

“It was a good campaign, but now the hard work begins,” McCormack said.

McCormack received 2,216 votes, and Senate Speaker John Fallon received 1,480 or 40 percent of the votes.

“I hope John (Fallon) will work with me to continue to build a better SA,” McCormack said.

Fallon issued a statement to the The Northern Star stating “I’ll put my full support behind Robert and I offer him my sincere hopes for a successful year during his term.”

“I’m sure Rob will be effective in his efforts to reform the SA and I encourage all students to rally behind him,” Fallon said.

McCormack said he wants each executive adviser to compile a year-end report and “begin formulating information packets so each incoming adviser has a good backround.”

“The SA needs reform,” McCormack said when he announced his candidacy. “The SA is at a crisis point” and change must come from within, he said.

McCormack said he intends to institute reform of internal organizations and operations to repair the SA’s credibility.

Publishing a campus safety manual and teacher evaluations are among McCormack’s top priorities. In addition, he plans on fighting tuition increases, improving financial aid services, removing polystyrene from campus and encourging a METRA commuter rail service between DeKalb and Chicago.

McCormack, a sophomore, has been a senator for three semesters and has served on various SA committees.

Tanya Smith won a close vice-presidential race. Smith received 2,004 of the cast ballots, or 56 percent, while Kathleen Rosenberg followed with 1,295 votes, 36 percent. David Schaeff received 289 votes, 8 percent.

Smith said she was “ecstatic,” and she will have current Vice President Steve Coloia “break her in,” as well as catch up on her studies.

“I am appreciative to the minorities and the residents of the residence halls who got out and voted,” Smith said.

In another executive race, Mike Holy, who ran against Richard Parkman, won for treasurer. Holy received 79 percent of the vote or 2,698. Parkman received 718 votes, 21 percent.

Holy said he plans to “meet with every organization to make sure there is continuity between the organizations and the SA.”