Plans for shuttle scrapped

By Richard Spahn

The Student Association Mass Transit Board’s proposed Geneva shuttle bus has been scrapped.

The shuttle, proposed last semester, will not be considered this year because of “budget constraints,” said Mass Transit Adviser David Pack.

The shuttle would leave NIU on weekends and transport students to Geneva, where they could transfer to a train. The shuttle would be entirely paid for by users.

The money for promotion of the proposed route would have to be put up in advance by the board, and with the budget problems the board is having this year, “it’s just not feasible at this time,” Pack said.

The board is faced with a possible $40,000 deficit in fiscal year 1991, despite combining routes 7 and 9 and raising student fees.

Pack said a student survey was conducted during the fall semester and the results were “favorable” for initiation of a Geneva-NIU shuttle.

Additional promotion would be necessary, though, to support a new shuttle program, Pack said.

“We’ll just have to wait until we can afford to begin promotion of the plan. We need to promote the idea first to ensure enough participation to make the shuttle feasible,” Pack said.

“If we can’t afford the promotion yet, putting the new shuttle into effect will definitely have to wait,” said Pack.