Sunny weather awaits students on spring break

By Deborah Costello

Looking for warm temperatures this spring break? Get ready to head south.

“The warmest spots this spring break will be Florida, mainly the East Coast south of Daytona and the Southern tip of Texas near South Padre Island,” said Mike Wilder, an NIU Weather Service employee.

Normal temperatures are expected for those regions, with highs reaching the 80s and lows in the upper 70s, Wilder said.

The Campus Activities Board is sponsoring trips to both of these hot spots.

CAB Travel Coordinator Grace Tenuta said students want to reach hot beach destinations. “Daytona and South Padre Island were hot spots last spring break as well,” she said.

Daytona is a favorite among college students. “The activities planned for them once they arrive is what keeps them coming back. Last year, MTV sponsored live concerts on the beach which kept the crowds entertained while soaking up the rays,” she said.

Royal Travel Agency in DeKalb also plans spring break destinations for college students. Kim Launer, Royal travel agent, said Cancun, Mexico, is the most requested of hot beach destinations this spring break.

“I have been finding that not only do travelers expect a variety, but also lots of sun especially when they’re trying to escape the cold of Illinois,” Launer said.