SA to address students’ concerns

By Maureen Morrissey

In an attempt to address students’ concerns and its public image the Student Associaton will hold an Executive Board and Staff Forum tonight.

“The SA is not worthy of the image it has now,” said SA President Huda Scheidelman. “It has been the result of a select few who have hindered our image from being more positive,” she said.

Executive Board members Scheidelman, Vice President Steve Coloia and Treasurer Bruce Williams will be present at the forum, Scheidelman said. Members of the executive staff, SA Supreme Court Chief Justice Ed Gil, a senator from each of the five districts and Senate Speaker John Fallon will be present as well, she said.

Each guest will have four minutes to address their role in the SA and discuss agendas, accomplishments and goals, Scheidelman said. The forum will begin at 7 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center, room 405.

In addition the staff will also “clear up some concerns” students may have, she said.

“Students will be able to inform us of worries we (the senate) are not currently addressing and it (the forum) will allow us to clear up misconceptions” students may have, Fallon said.

“The forum will hopefully increase student awareness of the SA,” Williams said.

A forum of this sort has never been held before, Scheidelman said. Scheidelman suggested the idea because “students do not really see what the SA is doing for them,” she said.

“It is a good idea for the SA to communicate as directly as possible” to the students, Scheidelman said.

Advisers speaking at the forum will include staff from the Public Relations Committee, the Recreational Committee, the Minority Relations Committee and the Community Affairs Committee.