I apologize for any misrepresentation of Pro-Lifers to the Feminist Front. I would also like to clarify a few points.

First, the prayer service (Jan. 21) was not a cover for “anti-women politics.” It was a time of prayer and honor for the dead. Though a doctor did speak on their behalf, a priest did most of the talking. The only other speakers read passages from the bible as part of the service.

Christianity itself is not a political movement, nor does it promote the oppression of women or anyone. The bible even calls oppression a sin in passages like Isaiah 58. If non-Christians read the bible, they would see their accusations are ridiculous.

Though humans have perverted Christianity, it is not dangerous to the human race. There is no place in Christianity for self-righteous judgement on others. It does say humans “sin,” but its point is forgiveness. It is not an “anti-human” “ideology,” but definately pro-life.

Finally, the statement that the service was free of noises from the Feminist Front was also untrue. However, I can understand their perception of the doctor’s speech, having been a Feminist Front member. I hope such misunderstandings don’t happen in the future.

Laura Cengel


Social Studies/Ed.