Employment available on campus

By Rick Techman

Campus job opportunities reflect a need for more workers, according to some Student Association leaders.

“There is available on-campus employment, but not all of it is used,” said SA President Huda Scheidelman. The NIU food service is a major student employer which is always in need of more help, she said.

NIU employs about 4,000 to 5,000 students, with about 700 students employed in food service alone.

“On-campus employment is significantly available,” Scheidelman said, adding students who want jobs on campus can find them.

Scheidelman said off-campus employment usually offers more money and on-the-job experience not always available on campus. She said the opportunities offered by off-campus employers keep students from working on campus.

Wages for on-campus student employment range from $3.75 an hour for beginning workers to $5.40 an hour for workers with experience.

SA Mass Transit Board Chairman David Pack said there are jobs available for students, but he explained low wages prevent some students from working on campus. “I don’t see any unemployment problems,” he said.

Sixth Ward Alderman Jamie Pennington said there is no actual unemployment on campus. He said the students who are not working are unemployed by choice.

Aside from campus jobs, other forms of financial support for students include private scholarships and loans and grants from state and federal governments.

NIU financial aid officer Donna Martens said applications for the federal financial aid program are due March 1. She said the program includes both federal loans and grants that would be available for the fall 1990 semester.

NIU Account Technician Dorothy Razniewski said private scholarships do not usually depend on financial need, but on major and year in school. She said her office gets information on private scholarships throughout the year and students are welcome to apply.