Police report man claims

By Mark McGowan

A man claiming his wallet was stolen Saturday night started a fight outside the Holmes Student Center’s Regency Room, University Police said.

UPs report 30 people were involved, however, student center security said only two people were fighting. The fight broke up and was dispersed before additional UPs arrived, UP Lt. Ken Kaiser said. One UP was already on duty at the dance when the fight started.

The fight began when the man and his companion tried to enter a Sigma Gamma Rho-sponsored dance in the Regency Room without paying, Kaiser said. Problems began after officials at the door asked the two men to leave, he said.

Student Center Director Judd Baker said Monday he thought only the two men were involved. “The night report says a fight broke out and the UPs escorted two people out,” he said.

Baker said reports from Student Center Night Supervisor Jack Stiles do not indicate 30 people were involved.

Further related problems began after the dance ended and the room was closed, Kaiser said. The man told student center security he thought his wallet was inside, but was denied admission to look for it, Kaiser said.

Police reports show the wallet, containing $20, was stolen during the fight, but Kaiser said it is “hard to determine if the elements of pick-pocketing were present.

“The wallet could have fallen out when he was fighting,” he said.

There were no injuries or arrests made, Kaiser said. However, the two could have been arrested for trespassing, he said.

Sigma Gamma Rho Adviser Monique Bernoudy said there was more than one problem Saturday night, but the sorority was not involved.

“There were confrontations, but they were handled,” Bernoudy said. “The Greeks were not involved.”

“We have very, very few fights now,” Baker said. “This year has been very nice.”