Best part about new album is packaging

By Emmett Overbey

Crispin Hellion Glover—remember him? He played Michael J. Fox’s dad in “Back to to Future” and tried to karate-kick David Letterman on TV a few years ago. Now he’s got his very own album on Restless Records.

The name of the album is “THE BIG PROBLEM = the solution. The solution = LET IT BE.” If there are any annoying, lingering guests in your home, put this album on. They’ll leave.

After a brief instrumental overture, Crispin reads several paragraphs from a book on the capturing and skinning of rats for use in public schools’ biology classes.

Then come the songs. “Auto-Manipulator,” (I’m not allowed to explain that one) “Clowny Clown Clown,” and “Getting Out of Bed.” Next comes a trio of covers: “These Boots are Made for Walking,” “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze,” and “Never Say ‘Never’ to Always” (by Charlie Manson).

For the album’s last few tracks, Crispin reads select passages from a creepy book of his own authorship, “The Oak Mot.”

Crispin is not completely devoid of talent, but his artistic and comedic abilities vastly surpass his vocal talent. What that means is that, while not a mainstream musical chart-topper, “The Big Problem…” is an amusing look into the demented life of Crispin Hellion Glover. It’s sort of a digitally-remastered lobotomy.

The coolest thing about this album (besides the “Boots are Made for Walking” masterpiece) is the packaging. The front and back covers are collages of Crispin’s artwork and photographs of such celebrities as Hitler, Manson, and Jesus, along with an evil clown or two.

There’s also a telephone number, which, being a thorough journalist, I called. After hitting a wrong number (a 5 instead of a 6) and talking briefly with a nice woman in Hollywood, I got through to Crispin. Well, a recording of Crispin. I didn’t leave a message.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a happy, upbeat album which exudes musical talent and commercial potential, shun this album. If you want something that would make even Mr. Manson say, “Boy, this guy’s weird,” buy this one.