Posted campus fliers call for impeachment

By Dana Netzel

Fliers calling for the impeachment of Student Association President Huda Scheidelman were posted around campus last week.

The fliers had a slash through a picture of Scheidelman—similar to a prohibited sign—and reasons for impeachment such as alienation of students, bad leadership and destroying the relationship with the city of DeKalb, said former Sen. Tracy Deis, one of the many people who saw the fliers.

SA Senate Speaker John Fallon said he saw a similar flier with a comment about Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan and the statement, “Impeach before it is too late.”

Scheidelman said, “I do not think I should give five minutes to respond to it (the flier).”

University Programming and Activities approval stamps were put on a flier Scheidelman saw. She said she was surprised they had UP&A approval.

UP&A Office Manager Sandra Simon said, “Officially we (UP&A) haven’t come across any (fliers).” However, occasionally fliers will be put between other fliers and they will get stamped, she said.

SA senators have mixed feelings on whether the posters were put up by senate members. Sen. Galvin Kennedy said it is “possible someone in the senate” put the posters up, because it is “no secret that Huda has some enemies in the senate.” Kennedy also said SA presidents will always have enemies.

SA Academic Affairs Adviser Willie Fowler said, “I’m shocked. I think she has been doing an excellent job.”

The senate will discuss the flier incident and other problems within the SA during a closed session at the Jan. 28 senate meeting, Fallon said.