SA Supreme Court fills positions

By Mark McGowan

The Student Association Supreme Court reached its five-member status Sunday after the senate appointed two additional justices.

Cam Davis and Brad Camis were appointed Sunday night, but not without controversy about the candidate interview process.

Former Senate Speaker Phill Buoscio, who brought the appointments to the body, conducted the interviews. As the second-place finisher in last spring’s SA presidential election, Buoscio is given the right to appoint two of the court’s five members.

Justice applicant and 6th Ward Alderman Jamie Pennington said he felt he was denied a fair interview because he is a DeKalb alderman. Pennington said he thinks there is not a conflict of interest and deemed the process unconstitutional.

“I feel my position in the city council shouldn’t be brought into it,” Pennington said.

Senate Speaker John Fallon, who joined Buoscio in the interviews, said Pennington’s position never entered the discussion.

“His opposition to the appointments was unjustified, unsubstantiated and was submitted at an unappropriate time,” Fallon said. “He is acting in a self-motivated interest in opposing the applicants nominated by Buoscio.”

“All the applicants were given equal consideration,” Buoscio said. “Jamie was asked the same questions as everyone. The two most qualified, in my opinion, were brought forth.”

In other business, the SA discussed several bundles of The Northern Star found last week in a dumpster at Suburban Estates Apartments on Twombly Road. The drivers were immediately reprimanded and will be fired if a similar incident occurs.

SA President Huda Scheidelman claimed the Star is not providing the 17,500 circulation it tells to its advertisers. She said the event was “really ridiculous” and said she hopes the Star student fee will be revoked.

She also claimed several bundles are “dumped” at the SA Recycling Center each week, only to be refuted by recycling center worker and Senator Amanda Rutter. Rutter said Scheidelman’s accusations were “not true.”

Star Editor Dave Kirkpatrick said the incident is a “closed issue. Although I appreciate the SA bringing it to our attention, any further discussion about the isolated incident is unnecessary.” The incident was an “internal problem” and was dealt with in “an appropriate fashion,” he said.