Don’t need him

This is in reply to Scott Stocking’s letter (Oct. 27) concerning responsibility and abortion. First, he complains about some of the extreme arguments (orphans, rape, incest) of pro-choicers. Extreme they might be, but certainly worth some consideration. Then he declares the issue of “quality of life” to be a vague concept. Perhaps he should ask people who grew up in poverty, neglect and the like if they think “quality of life” is a vague concept.

Next, he appears to declare all women with unwanted pregnancies to be irresponsible. Perhaps he knows of some 100 percent safe contraceptive on the market he’d like to tell some of the married folks in this country about. Further, a decision to have an abortion because of a personal or family situation is anything but irresponsible whether the pregnancy was caused by a lack of contraception or not. And where did he get the idea that having an aboriton got any woman “off easy”? Hasn’t he ever heard women agonize over such a decision? Or, if he heard it, was he listening? Does he think women say, “Wowee, I get to have an abortion”?

In total, Mr. Stocking seems to want his particular brand of morality given special (legal) status, regardless of what the rest of us in this pluralistic society believe. Perhaps I believe it’s immoral not to pay homage to the Prophet Mohammed. I want a law. I want you prosecuted for violating it. Get my drift?

Finally, I and many others can make family decisions for orselves and don’t need Mr. Stocking or the government to make them for us.

J. Kevin Paulsen


Pre-computer science