Star fabricates

I should have stopped reading then—before Kelli Christiansens’s column “Stop Reading now, every word is a lie,” outraged me. The Star is well deserving of the “vicious attacks” it has recently received. I, like Marna Coldwater, often ask myself why I read the Star; my response is usually—for the comics. I certainly do not read it for information on a meeting or event in that I have attended.

I do not see how you, Kelli, can imply that the article about a Feminist Front meeting was not fabricated. Letters to the editor stated otherwise and the Star stated that it incorrectly reported that the Feminist Front advocates lobbying the legislature when, in fact, it advocates a female liberation movement. It saddens me to know that the paper magically appears at all of those locations, and the masses have little choice but to read and believe.

Cynthia Doyle

Freedom Now