SA to review appointment

By Michelle Landrum

The Student Association will voice its opinion Sunday on Mayor Greg Sparrow’s 7th Ward aldermanic appointment.

The SA interviewed five people for the position at Sparrow’s request, and ranked the top three. Sparrow came out with his own list of recommendations last week. It included Nick Valadez, Thomas Gary and Jeff Monroe, a candidate the SA found “unacceptable.”

The six remaining aldermen asked to rank Sparrow’s recommendations and turn them in today. After reviewing their rankings, Sparrow is expected to announce his appointment.

The SA also will discuss placing a provision in the bylaws or operating rules stating that all senate resolutions must pass through the SA Internal Affairs Committee before reaching the senate.

The resolutions are passed on “anything that the senate wants to issue a strong stand on,” Vice President Steve Coloia said. He gave the example of the SA’s opposition last year to the construction of a new student life building. The issue was “pushed hard” by former Vice President for Student Affairs Jon Dalton, Coloia said.

The SA took a strong stance in opposition to the building, and the construction plans were eventually abandoned. Coloia said the resolution was very effective and “a nice victory for us.”

“There needs to be a body that regulates the quality as well as the number of resolutions that flow through the senate,” Coloia said. He added that if too many resolutions are passed, the resolutions will lose their strength.

eimbursement of four refundable student fees also will discussed. They are The Northern Star fee, student health insurance, Illinois Student Association fee and the Student-to-Student grant fee.

The SA meets at 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center Skyroom.