Eurythmics reviewed

By Gary Schlueter

The Eurythmics, whose electro-pop-rock sounds have been present in the airwaves for the better part of this decade, seem to have produced a cumulative effort in their latest release, “We Too Are One.”

Along with keyboardist Pat Seymour, percussionist Ollo Romo and vocalist Charlie Wilson, the musical Odd Couple of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, whose eyes, I believe, met not across a room but across a galaxy, appear to be declaring both their love and the band’s unity.

The first two tracks on this album – the mostly Dave Stewart-influenced “We two Are One,” spelled differently, and “King and Queen of America” – cruise along nicely but certainly couldn’t soar like they do without Lennox’s crisp, natural and powerful vocals.

“(My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry”, another side-one tune, is a wonderful sing-a-long-dance-a-long with some quirky guitar work and vocals that stick. I suggest swaying to this song till you drop.

Though the second side is the weaker of the two, it begins with the album’s strongest single, “Revivial.” This self-explanatory song builds like an avalanche until it threatens to crumble under its own force.

The Eurythmics, whose credits include the 1983 number one hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)”, “Here Comes the Rain Again” and “Would I Lie To You”, appear to have hit a canyon-size rut with “You Hurt Me (And I Hate You).” The spinning lights and twirling dancer of the late 70s came spirialing into my vision before I could hit the fast-forward button.

“Sylvia”, the third song on the side, has the string ensemble beauty of “Eleanor Rigby” and the sweetness only the vocals of Lennox could produce.

This album, sorry to say, ends on a rather flimsy note. With Journey-style drums and vocals that have been mixed beyond recognition, “When the Day Goes Down” could have been done by any number of Anthem-Pop bands.

For this release, the Eurythmics have picked from an entire musical spectrum; a spectrum in which Lennox and Stewart are two of the most colorful artists.