Some kids will just never act grown-up

By Bill Schwingel

Ah! Children. Those were the days. Times when you could blame everthing on your innocence and your adorability would let you get away with everything. What were some of the “adults” of today like as children?

First we need some scenery. One block of any street will do, with freshly mowed grass, white picket fences and a child in every yard.

Why look, over there, on the corner, little Ronnie Reagan in suspenders and a dirty white-collared shirt that gets brushed off every few minutes by a little girl in pigtails and a pink frilly dress. Why that’s Nancy! Who is that he’s playing marbles with? Georgie Porgie Bush!

Georgie, winks at Nancy, who smiles kindly in return, and aims very meticulously for the biggest marble, but doesn’t quite knock it out. He stands and frumphs furrowing his brow, gazing intently at Ronnie’s next move.

Let’s go to the next corner of the block where we see a little blond girl shaking her hand in the air and smiling triumphantly. The little boy at her feet checks his nose for blood and begins to rise. A closer look reveals a girl dressed in a silk t-shirt and designer sneakers laughing. It’s Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Maybe we should sneak over to the next corner. Why I do believe I see a group of children listening to someone at a lemonade stand. This little boy is trying to tell the rest of the children why his lemonade is the best in the land. Of course! It’s Jimmy Bakker.

He claims his lemonade is the best because it is magical and can make your wishes come true. Obviously, he says, the better a product the more you have to pay. One girl in the crowd jumps up and screams “Gimme some, Gimme some!” Well after that the rest of the kids join in the chorus. Capitalism at its roots, isn’t it beautiful?

At the last corner is a little girl I don’t quite recognize. She sits looking sad, sucking her thumb. Why she almost seems to be fading away. She looks like she would like to be left alone, let’s do her that courtesy.

It seems a larger crowd has gathered by the marble game. Who is that little boy with the crew cut wearing army fatigues sitting next to Ronnie? Oh, that’s Ollie! He and Ronnie seem to be making quite a team.

Wait, who’s that with the baggie of opened pixie sticks? He looks at Georgie and they both smile. Nancy looks a little discouraged and her pigtails have become frayed. The marble game seems to have become matched.

In the backround Jimmy comes down the street holding hands with a little girl who looks awfully familiar. Why she was the first girl to scream at the lemonade stand, the one with the capital “T” on her sweater. What’s this? Jimmy just handed a rather large amount of money to her. Hmmm, some scam he’s got going.

And here comes Zsa Zsa to investigate what all the excitement is about. She looks at the marbles, rolls her eyes and walks right through the middle of the game. Well, someone has a little bit of an attitude.

Where is that little sad girl? She must not find it very important to watch the game. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing, I mean it is just a marbles game.

Suddenly, Georgie cheers as he finishes off the game with the most marbles. Ronnie shakes Georgie’s hand and gives him his best shooting marble.

Well it just goes to show you, the more things change the more they stay the same. Just remember folks, we’re all grown ups now.