Repairs finished on health center

By David Pollard

The NIU Health Service has undergone a few additions and modifications to make it a safe and pleasent place to work.

Dana Mills, Health Service associate director, said renovations to the building’s fourth floor and asbestos exposure have been completed since the first part of August.

Mills said before the project was completed, the construction firm had to take out the ceilings and remove asbestos found primarily on support beams. Mills said high pressure water hoses were used to clean off the asbestos from the wall.

A leaky roof also was repaired because “it was creating a potential hazard,” when it was mixed with the asbestos, he said.

Mills said the health center received new lighting fixtures and a new rug because of asbestos contamination. In addition to the light fixtures, the walls were painted and a new drop ceiling was put in after the asbestos was removed.

During the renovation period the offices were moved to the building’s basement. Mills said the move was very complicated because the offices that were moved included the director’s and assistant director’s and their staff.

Because the space limitations did not allow the Health Enhancement Services and Services for Students with Disabilities to be relocated in the same building, they were moved to Neptune Hall.

Mills said air samples looking for asbestos residue taken before, during and after the construction came up negative.

“The program (construction and removal) was done right and very well and I’m impressed with the administration,” Mills said.

Health Services Director Rosemary Lane said “the asbestos is removed from the fourth floor. The rest of the building has asbestos enclosed in the walls but has not been touched” and does not pose a serious health danger.