Listen and work together

In response to all of the recent campus tensions and confusions, it is great to see people getting together attempting to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings.

Although almost 50 people attended an open forum last week between students and DeKalb city officials and only 13 people stayed for the entire meeting, it is encouraging to see that people in the area are willing to take the time to discuss controversial issues and look for solutions.

Throughout the debate, with some particpants not willing to listen to others’ thoughts and explanations, some possible solutions were dicussed. A promising suggestion was offered by Thomas Gary, Student Association president pro tem.

Gary suggested setting up “Rumor Central” that would allow concerned people on campus to access people who know the facts about controversial issues and can clear up rumors.

Developing ideas to help alleviate tensions, such as ” Rumor Central,” is what all of us should be doing right now. The DeKalb police made a positive contribution by explaining their situation concerning requests to arrest the five suspects who were allegedly involved in beating one man.

Whether or not all of the forum particpants were listening, the police did have some things to say in their defense that made a lot of sense. Listening to one another and developing solutions together is the only way to ease the tensions on campus.